Welcome to Brownies Dog Treats


I'm Matt and I started Brownies Dog Treats at the beginning of 2020. My Fiancée Charli and I lost our dog Kai at the end of 2018 and if I'm honest, I think Brownies Dog Treats was my way of coping at the time but have loved every part of it and obviously it has grown in to the business it is today, which I'm very thankful for. I got to focus all of my energy on providing natural treats for other people's dogs and have loved seeing the positive reactions for pooches and their owners alike. Our aim is to provide a range of natural treats which don't contain additives and preservatives - or anything nasty for that matter.


As pet parents ourselves, we know how you want the best for your pooch. That's why we put in hours upon hours of research into the products we sell and have registered with our local trading standards and comply with all regulations including having our homemade treats tested for their nutritional information (a legal requirement to be able to provide).

You'll also see other aspects of how we try to keep things natural across our business - like limiting the amount of plastic packaging we use wherever possible and also sourcing biodegradable packaging for some of our products.

Thank you for visiting us, and for reading - if you got this far!

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