Rescued from Hull Animal Welfare Trust

Kai was my own first dog. We had dogs all the way through my childhood but Kai was the first one that I had full responsibility for!

We rescued him just before the age of 1 when he was really poorly with kennel cough. After a few short weeks and feeding him literally anything we could get down him (mostly chicken!) we managed to get him to full health.

He was such a fun, loving dog who really mirrored my own traits! He would happily have a lazy afternoon but could also play fetch all day if you could keep up with him - as proven when we went camping, we walked miles and miles and then when we came back I sat down and he brought me his ball to play fetch!

Kai absolutely loved everyone, he wanted to meet all the dogs on the field and would make a loud screeching noise to get their attention - which was amusing to some people but was extremely embarrassing at the time!

He unfortunately developed a slipped disc in his spine which, after surgery to try and fix, left him paralysed on his back end. We tried to re-cooperate him for over a month after his surgery but with more time passing without improvements we eventually had to make the heart breaking decision to let him cross the rainbow bridge at the young age of 6.



Rescued from the RSPCA

Sky was the first dog that my fiancée Charli and I got together, we came back from our holiday and had discussed getting a friend for Kai. After seeing Sky popping up on our facebook feed several times we went to see her at the RSPCA. 

Kai and Sky got on really well and after a short walk around the field were they both munched happily on grass next to each other, we decided that Sky was a great choice to add to our family. At the age of 9 we were taking her on with the understanding that we were going to potentially not have a lot of time together but wanted to make her last years count.

Sky was with us for two years before sadly passing but she was a gorgeous bubbly dog with a loving personality. She was brilliant with the younger members of our family and loved to lounge in the sun - regardless of how hot she got! 



Rescued from the RSPCA

We adopted Simba a few months after we had lost Kai as Sky needed a new friend around the home and it soon became apparent that we had a soft spot for the older pooches out there! Simba was 14 at the time and had very little interest because of his age... that's were we came in!

Simba is an absolute little nut case and you honestly would not believe that he is now 15 years old! He sleeps a lot of the day, his vision isn't what it used to be and his hearing is near enough none existent - but there is nothing more satisfying than knowing that he is happy and content in his home with us.

He has lovely little puppy outbursts and is definitely a Mummy's boy.